»To turn really interesting ideas and fledging technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years...«
Steve Jobs, Apple

With our lean and green initiative, we aim to make a measurable contribution to the efficient use of natural resources. The focus is on weight and performance optimized concepts in structure-borne sound damping for the automotive and home appliance industry.

Our goal: A 40 percent weight reduction in structure-borne sound damping in vehicles. The right component in the right place does more than provide comprehensive protection from structure-borne sound. Our concepts for the early design of attenuation constants in the complete vehicle acoustics support our goal and the aspiration of our automotive customers to optimize consumption and emissions.

Our goal: A 10 percent energy saving in dishwashers. Innovative material concepts contribute to improving the energy efficiency of domestic appliances. We take on the environmental policy challenge as a personal responsibility in our unique field."